Great dialog today about the use of Social Networking in our Global Classrooms. We have a few answers, but also more questions on this hot topic...
  • Which tools are best? Should this depend on your district, student needs, and accessibility?
  • Do we use these tools in instruction, within the walls of the classroom?
  • What about privacy? Security?
This session topic comes from experience in using social networking tools in higher ed, as adjunct faculty at Chapman University (Orange), and in the K12 classroom. I understand the importance of technology infusion, and we are all making efforts to engage students (digital natives) using the tools they love. Let's continue to share our stories and resources (successful, or not).
In addition to Facebook and Twitter, here are a few other resources that may fit into your own classroom environment:

Looking forward to staying connected and sharing more on this topic.

Best Regards,
Nicol Howard
Skype: NHowardEDU